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As of 15 May 2011 I changed over to my new website so please go there to view my latest work:



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Sindy and Family   Leave a comment

With just a month to go Sindy came to me to do her maternity shoot.  The first thing I noticed was that beautiful hair and then her gorgeous big round bump – oh its going to be a boy for sure!  She didn’t feel that there was anywhere at her house really suitable to do it so we did the shoot in my bedroom, done quite a few shoots there lately – the light is just perfect, maybe I should turn it into a natural light studio hmmm…

Sindy was such a natural in front of the camera and I really just had to shoot away with hardly any direction coming from me.  I especially like the photos with the black background.  Sindy and her husband are such a  gorgeous couple – I say that about everyone it seems but I really mean it!  Their son Ahron is adorable – those eyes!!!  Big ol blue eyes himself, definitely adores his Dad, you can see it in the way he looks at his father, very special to witness.   We did a few more intmate pictures but I won’t be posting them here! Big changes ahead, I can’t wait to photograph the baby when he is born at the end of May.

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Ooops I had this post sitting in my drafts and just never go round to blogging it!

Mactan is an island just across a causeway from Cebu in the Phillipines.  The actual island has nothing to write home about but we stayed a very nice resort which was our base for travelling to other places within the Phillipines.  Cebu is a like many other Asian cities – busy, noisy and with horrendous traffic!

I always enjoy walking the streets and especially around markets as this is when you really get to meet the people and not those people at the hotel who are paid to be friendly!  My daughter came along with me but I think she loved the ride in the tricycle more than anything!

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The Cederberg   Leave a comment

We spent the Easter weekend in the Cederberg!  I  had never been there before except when driving to Namibia a few years ago we stopped in Clanwilliam very briefly.  The dam was 100% full then, I don’t know what the percentage is now but it was really low.  It is such a beautiful area.  We took the scenic route along the back roads from Ceres and its beautiful autumn colours. One minute it seems you are in a meteor crash site and the next rolling dusty hills seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  The mountain passes are absolutely beautiful and the vista from the top of Uitkyk pass was my favourite.

We stayed on a farm near Ageria on Nieuwoudts Pass, the farm is still owned by the Nieuwoudt family (and has been for over 300 years).  If I remember correctly it is the oldest farm in the area, now an organic mango and citrus farm.

One of the days we took a drive out to Wupperthal and I highly recommend that if you are in the area to do this.  The drive is half the enjoyment!  Wupperthal is a small mission village with whitewashed cottages lining dusty streets, colourful washing blowing in the wind.  There is a nice church and post office there, a museum as well as a veldskoen factory!!

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Shireen & Friends   Leave a comment

Shireen contacted me to book a photo session for her and some girlfriends who were over from Dubai and London along with their children.  We were going to do the shoot on the beach but after the Easter weekend, winter decided to descend on Cape Town with a vengeance.  Since there were a couple of babies it wasn’t really ideal to be on a windy beach and not much fun for the older kids to be running in and out of the water (although knowing kids they probably wouldn’t have noticed!).  One of the ladies had a contact at the Crystal Towers Hotel and managed to organise a suite for us to do the shoot in.  Fabulous!  It was nice and bright luckily as I wasn’t really prepared for an indoor shoot and my flash batteries lasted, phew!  The kids were pretty hyper even before we went to the pool deck for cupcakes but I think I managed to get some good ones.  Absolutely gorgeous kids!

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Chantal, Kristian and the Boys   1 comment

Chantal and I exchanged a few e-mails before we met and it felt as though I had known her forever by the time we met face to face.  You know how you just click with someone, a weird kind of deja vu, I know you but we have never met kind of feeling.  Such an awesome woman! Anyway, Kristian’s son was here from the UK for a holiday so we split the shoot between home and the beach.  He is a typical eight year old with ants in his pants, I love the picture of him on the beach with his arms outsstretched ‘Free, I am free as a bird’.   It was baby Jordan’s first trip to the beach and he got his little feet nice and sandy although he found the wind a tad confusing, too cute! 


Hermione’s 1st Birthday   3 comments

Babies, babies everywhere!!  Hard to believe Hermione is already a year old (well almost – this was an early celebration , she is having another birthday in Durban!)  The rain decided to stay away and everyone relaxed on the lawn with a picnic lunch listening to the fantastic musician / singer.  He was seriously good and I am super critical of live singers (Idols has made us all expert critics right?), an amazing voice that was perfect for background music, his twinkle twinkle little star was brilliant although he didn’t come through with his promise of the Metallica version of baa baa black sheep – was looking forward to that!  Congrats Andrew and Kaajal, first year done and I look forward to seeing your little girl grow up over the coming years!



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